Beer of the God's

Idun's Immortal Cherry Sour 4.8%

A fresh spring inspired sour, popping with Sour Cherry and just enough tartness to keep you refreshed and coming back for more!

Niflheim Kolsch 5.0%

A gluten free take on a German style Kolsch beer. This is a light, blonde beer with a sweet taste and fantastic aromas. If you're looking for a crushable beer, now you've found it.

Tropical Haze IPA 6.6%

A NEIPA (New England IPA) done in typical NEIPA style, with tropical and citrus notes from dry hop (El Dorado, Citra, Mosaic) process allowing for bright flavors without the hop bitterness found in traditional IPA’s.

Lodurr Lager 5.2%

Award winning Lager, clean and crisp drinking lager flavored with Loral Cryo-Hops and old world Saaz.

Land of Njord Milk Stout 4.8%

A traditional milk stout, with sweetness from the lactose and mild roasted and cocoa flavors, you can never go wrong with this stout.

Kvasir's Peanut Butter Stout 4.8%

Our best seller, the peanut butter stout is a very unique yet inviting beer that has hints of the sweetness and strong flavor of peanut butter, it's like drinking a peanut butter cup, what's not to love?